Michael Eli


I run several nursing homes and the costs of our medical examination gloves have gone through the roof! We have been priced gouged by so mny companies but Defen95 is always reasonable and always gives us the best pricing. We are paying 21% less than what we were paying before, and thats makes a huge difference when you're purchasing thousands of boxes per month.

Cyntee Ahl


I searched ALL over and finally ordered nitrile gloves from Defen95 for my medical clinic and the pricing and service cannot be beat! The search is over. Very happy I found these and will continue to purchase!

Sam Manoo


Great masks that fit better than anything else I've tried. The material is very soft and comfortable, and unlike many other masks, these are especially easy to wear for very lengthy periods of time.

Tanya Farah


I’ve worn many masks since the pandemic started and these are by far my favorite! They are super comfortable on and also give me full coverage on the side of my face unlike most masks that are in the market. I also love that these masks are very breathable so I can wear them for longer periods of time without feeling like I’m going to suffocate. I highly highly recommend Defen95!!

Angelique Paccione


When I started traveling for work during COVID-19, I didn’t feel safe wearing a cloth mask through the airport because they don’t offer much protection. I was looking online for a KN95 and came across the DEFEN95 “soft” KN95 face mask. It’s not hard or heavy like traditional KN95s, so I figured it would be comfortable enough to wear all day. Plus, it has the same level of protection as a N95 mask! I bought the box of 100 soft masks because I wear them everywhere I go, not just when I travel. I honestly believe it has helped protect me from Coronavirus.

Mandeep Kaur Saggi


Ive worn many masks such as 3 ply masks, cloth masks, N95 and other KN95 masks and this is by far the most comfortable. I purchased them for a 6 hour flight to New York and I was comfortable during the entire flight. I just dont feel protected wearing the reusable masks so this one definitely reduces my anxiety from Covid-19. I will definitely order these again.