About Our Nitrile Gloves

DEFEN95 has built direct working relationships with manufacturers from all over the world. This is to ensure top trust and satisfaction for our customers.
All of our medical-grade nitrile gloves are put through extensive testing to meet specific guidelines from the FDA.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are chemical-resistant and puncture-resistant, making it one of the safest and strongest glove choices.

• BPA free
• Latex-free
• Phthalate free
• Vinyl Free
• MBT free
• In most cases, powder free

DEFEN95 Glove Program

The need for gloves in the healthcare and medical field will never fade away. When COVID-19 shut the world down and limited the access to medical supplies, many realized the importance of having a reliable source for gloves and other medical necessities.
With the DEFEN95 Glove Program, you can ensure the safety of your staff and the highest level of care for your patients. Weekly and monthly contracts are available.

Program Benefits:

Custom Sizing: With each order, choose your ideal size ratio. Custom Branding: The option to add branding for your business is available on the interior box. Fast Delivery: CIF Air ships within 14 days or less from ICPO and PA. Complete Oversight: We provide full transparency through each step, from manufacturing to testing, and shipping to packaging. Most Glove Types Available: Detailed specifications and certifications are required and must be provided

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    Nitrile Gloves Box

    Manufacturing and Glove Types

    For reference, you can find a quick list of a few glove manufacturers and glove types we have access to below. If you do not see what you are looking for, please send us a message and we can help secure it for you.
    ThomasNet Medi2U TopGlove
    • Nitrile Surgical Glove
    • Nitrile Examination Glove
    • Chloroprene Accelerator Glove
    • Charcoal Nitrile Examination Glove
    • BioGreenTM Biodegradable Nitrile Glove
    • Super Nitrile® RNF15 / RNF18
    • COATS, Colloidal Oatmeal Coated Nitrile Powder-Free
    • ULTRAFORM with ERGOFORM, Ergonomic Design Technology

    Join the DEFEN95 Nitrile Glove Program! Our Glove Program is ideal for medical and healthcare companies, from big to small. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help with your needs, fill out our contact form! Someone from our team will be in touch.