N95 Face Masks

N95: The Most Trusted Face Mask
by Medical Professionals

When COVID-19 shut the world down, N95 masks were extremely limited. This was the “first line of defense” for our first responders and the Coronavirus. As a result, the FDA authorized the use of KN95s as equivalent, and many companies around the globe began producing these masks. N95 masks, however, remain the most trusted face mask in the USA by healthcare professionals.

Wholesale N95 Face Masks

When it comes to your first line of defense against COVID-19 or Coronavirus, you want a product you can rely on from a source you can trust. With our wide range of N95 mask selections, you can find just what you’re looking for as a reliable protective barrier.

N95 face masks offer more protection than surgical masks because they are capable of filtering out both small and large particles with a minimum 95% particle filtration rate. All N95 masks may look slightly different as there are a couple various options.

N95 Mask

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    Our Capabilities

    Many manufacturing companies weren’t able to take on producing N95 face masks because of the strict testing and approval process set by the US FDA. However, throughout the pandemic, we were able to build strong working relationships with the companies that have been producing N95 face masks. We have been able to offer the following for our customers:

    • N95 Manufacturers
    • 3M
    • Honeywell
      Two N95 Mask Options
    • Standard N95
    • N95 with Breathing Valve

    N95 Mask with
    Breathing Valve

    While all N95 masks offer the same level of protection, you may see some masks with breathing valves. These valves make it easier to breathe and release the unfiltered air when exhaled.

    For this reason alone, some places have banned masks with valves. For example, if you are infected with COVID-19 and wear a mask with a valve, you will literally release the virus back into the public air.

    Prepare for the Worst.
    Plan Ahead. Order Wholesale.

    There’s no denying that N95 face masks are the most difficult PPE to get your hands on these days. We witnessed it firsthand with the COVID-19 pandemic. DEFEN95 is a reliable PPE supplier with direct relationships to the limited N95 face mask manufacturers. These companies are not taking on any new companies or expanding their current capabilities. We’ve done the hard work already, so you can stay focused on saving lives.