Isolation Gowns

3-ply face masks are the most common medical-grade face masks being worn in public today. At DEFEN95, we offer ATSM levels 1 and 3 masks. Many people do not know the medical term for these masks, so you may be more familiar with their most common name of “surgical masks.”

Your Staff Safety Apparel Solution

Your Staff Safety Apparel Solution

About Our Isolation Gowns

DEFEN95 is proud to offer Level I, II, and III Isolation Gowns.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are recommending against the use of washable or reusable medical gowns. We have a global supply of disposable isolation gowns readily available at any time.

  • Available in Various Sizes
  • Features Elastic Wristbands
  • Made with Nonwoven Materials
  • Fluid-Resistant Fabrics
  • Individually Packaged

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    Importance of Isolation Gowns During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Medical and healthcare workers have a high risk for contracting Coronavirus when they are working directly with patients. When the threat of exposure is present, isolation gowns are a must to ensure the health and safety of those on the front lines.
    Isolation gowns protect essential workers from blood and bodily fluids from infected or even possibly-infected patients. Most gowns are made from cotton or a spun-synthetic material and have different levels of fluid protection.

    Gown Types

    • Level 1: Minimal risk. Typically used for basic care and standard isolation. Also often used as a cover gown to be worn by visitors.
    • Level 2: Low risk. Commonly used in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or a pathology lab.
    • Level 3: Moderate risk. Usually worn in the emergency room or for trauma cases.

    Isolation gowns are the preferred PPE when it comes to barrier clothing. Gowns fit comfortably around the body for protection and are snug around every area of closure. The FDA has approved the use of hospital isolation gowns during care of COVID-19 patients.

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    Our medical-grade isolation gowns are available in three levels and are built for durability, movability, and maximum protection.

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