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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There is no guarantee that a person cannot contract Coronavirus if they wear DEFEN95 Face Masks or any other face mask. However, our mask is proven to filter
COVID-19 and other viruses at a minimum of 95%, making it a much safer and much more reliable face mask than most. 

KN95 face masks are extremely similar to N95 face masks, but they differ based on the country they are certified in. N95s are certified in the United States, while KN95s are the Chinese-equivalent.

Our KN95s are FDA-approved, CE-certified and meet European Manufacturing Standards. The FDA recently approved KN95s for use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DEFEN95 face masks are disposable and designed for single use before being thrown away. Of course, you can wear your face mask more than once,
but you risk exposing the interior breathing section to particles, viruses, bacteria, and more. We never recommend wearing a dirty or used face mask. 

We do not recommend washing the face masks as they are made for single use only. If your mask becomes dirty or contaminated, please use a new, clean face mask.

Yes! We offer adult and kid sizing options for the whole family. Our soft, elastic ear bands allow the masks to stretch and comfortably fit all face shapes and sizes.

DEFEN95 sells KN95 face masks in bulk and wholesale. Order easily online in packs of 100, or send us a message if you are interested in a custom wholesale order.
By ordering wholesale, you have multiple mask options: KN95, N95, and 3-Ply. 


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