Face Shields

The DEFEN95 Face Shields are protective, comfortable, and most of all – practical. These lightweight face shields will help protect against viral and bacterial threats and won’t get in the way of your essential day-to-day functions.

About Our Protective Medical-Grade Face Shields

Face Shields
DEFEN95 Face Shields

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    Benefits of Face Shields

    The major benefit of face shields is that the large plastic barrier protects the entire face, while masks solely protect the nose and mouth. DEFEN95 face shields also offer an anti-fog barrier to help you see clearly.
    Coronavirus is capable of entering your body through the eyes, and masks do not protect the upper part of the face. Wearing a protective face shield can help combat some of these particles.
    Did you also know that, on average, humans touch their face 23 times each hour? Face shields literally act as a barrier to prevent us from the possibility of infecting ourselves by scratching our nose, resting on our hand, etc.

    Face Shields vs Face Masks

    While face shields help protect particles from entering the eyes, nose, and mouth, they do not offer filtration like DEFEN95 face masks. In fact, particles have much more room to escape or enter the mouth from a face shield alone. We recommend always wearing a face shield along with a N95 or KN95 face mask for maximum protection. Many states also do not require face masks if you are wearing a face shield. However, this is not the safest protection method. Think of a face shield as a safety “boost,” rather than your first line of defense. A face shield alone will not protect you from COVID-19.

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