Does Double Masking Work

Does Double Masking Work

Does Double Masking Work?

You may have recently heard that the FDA is urging people to “double mask.” Based on recent studies, research shows that wearing two masks is better than one.

We’ve known since the start of the pandemic that cloth masks stood no chance when compared to medical-grade masks. This is why bandanas and scarves began to be banned from certain places of businesses that required mask use. However, even the questionable fashion sponge masks have continued to be allowed. While some of these mask rules make no sense, it is our responsibility to follow them and listen to the advice of our medical experts.

Now, we are putting it to the test to see if the latest mask recommendation is worth it – or if there is a better option by choosing a FDA approved N95 mask.

The Truth About Double Masking

Here’s the truth, double masking can offer greater protection if done correctly. Cloth masks are all made differently, and they have no safety tests or regulations to meet. This concept of double-masking was created as most people wear cloth masks or surgical masks.

First, you will need a clean surgical mask and a clean cloth mask. It’s important to not pair both, but one of each. This is because surgical masks tend to have a loose fit. Pairing it with a cloth mask can help the mask stay in place, while still offering a protective barrier.

  • Step 1: Put on a surgical mask
  • Step 2: Put your cloth mask over your surgical mask

Make sure your mask is comfortable and well-fitted. Most importantly, make sure it is easy to breathe. If wearing two masks is too tight and causes you to keep readjusting your mask or touching your face, you are probably better off by just wearing one mask.

Wearing these two masks can help offer a greater level of protection from COVID-19, but it will not fully protect you. You still must follow the health and safety tips set by the CDC.

KN95 Respirator Prove to be the Safest Mask Option

Since N95 face masks are not recommended to the public, as they are reserved for medical professionals, the best option the general public has is KN95 masks. N95 and KN95 masks must filter out a minimum of 95% of particles. While KN95 masks offer the same level of protection as N95 face masks, they are the Chinese equivalent. This means that they must pass all the tests and regulations that are set in China, while N95 masks must pass all the US standards.

There are many fake or fraudulent KN95s on the market, so make sure the mask you choose to purchase has the necessary certifications and is being purchased from a reputable and reliable source. According to the CDC, about 60% of KN95 masks are fake! Don’t fall for the most affordable option, and make your safety a priority when you purchase from DEFEN95.


Layering any other mask with a KN95 mask could restrict airflow and make breathing difficult. An overly restrictive mask could also cause skin irritation or allow the mask to develop air leaks through the side parts.

KN95 Face Masks Near Me

DEFEN95 is an international medical supplier, which means we have the capabilities to ship our masks and other PPE anywhere in the world and directly to your doorstep! Our KN95 masks have passed the strict tests set by China, and we conducted our own testing to ensure the highest level of protection.

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