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Covid-19 Vaccine Shot: 4 Myths Dispelled

Why do people need COVID-19 vaccine shots? To live a better life by fighting a particular kind of illness. Vaccines are a great way to safeguard our health. But do vaccines make us immortal? Simply not! They just protect the core of our body from viruses and pathogens. According to an estimation from the WHO (World Health Organization), the vaccines have saved about 10 million people from dying between 2010 and 2015.

However, unfortunately, there have been many myths about vaccine shots that prevent people from getting them. In the case of the coronavirus vaccines too, the myths prevail. A lot of people have taken the COVID vaccine California. However, some refrain from getting injected due to various myths doing the rounds around the world. In this article, we will break down all the myths that keep people away from vaccines.

Four COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Dispelled

1. Vaccines alter DNA

One of the most common myths about the COVID-19 vaccine is that as soon as it melds with the blood, it changes the human DNA. This is nothing more than a rambling remark made by some oblivious minds, and it spreads even faster than the virus itself. The vaccines don’t get into the nucleus that holds our DNA. Therefore, a COVID vaccine cannot alter human DNA or impose any harsh impact on it.

2. Vaccines Adversely Impact Fertility

This myth is more common among pregnant people who don’t want to risk their pregnancy. When it was analyzed deeply, it was found that this myth was spread by some anti-vaccine people against the HPV vaccines earlier. This myth has again surfaced, with the COVID-19 vaccine being at its nascent stage. The FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines are far better and don’t create a nuisance for the people getting injected. This myth has forced many pregnant women to give up getting vaccinated despite having higher chances of being COVID-infected. However, it is not the case. It is only a myth and doesn’t hold true.

3. Vaccines Can Make You Bedridden

Following the first dose of the vaccine, many people experienced mild body pain and a fragile body. The myth outburst that the coronavirus vaccines are making people sick and bedridden. However, this is not true at all. Even so, the WHO stated that the serious repercussions of the vaccine hardly occur. The mild pain or fever that most people have developed after getting vaccinated goes off on its own after a few hours. There is nothing serious about it, and it is only a myth that vaccines can make you bedridden.

4. Vaccines Destroy Immunity

Initially, people were scared that the COVID-19 vaccines could hamper their already dull immunity. Later, such people were also seen taking free COVID-19 vaccine shots. It is only a myth that vaccines could destroy the immune power of the body. In fact, the COVID-19 vaccine protects the immunity of our bodies to naturally fight against the deadly coronavirus.

To Conclude:

There are many more myths, even about the FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines, that are only fallacies and nothing else. The major myths about the vaccine have been debunked above. You can trust the FDA-approved vaccines and safeguard your immunity from the COVID threat that has been around for the past 2 years.

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