Covid-19 Testing Solutions for Businesses

Covid-19 Testing Solutions for Businesses: Helping Businesses to Get Through the Pandemic

Defen95 helps you protect your workplace and employees with the customized Covid-19. We realize that with the pandemic still ranging, it is crucial you take measures to protect your business. You cannot sit back and wait until COVID-19 takes a toll on your business. We provide different testing options for businesses, and you can choose one or more that you feel are right for you.

Some of the testing options that we offer businesses are as follows:

  • Testing on your premises or off-site
  • Taking nasopharyngeal swabs
  • Testing saliva
  • Rapid screening of antibodies

We also have infectious disease experts who are extremely knowledgeable about COVID-19 and they are available for teleconsultations. Decision-makers and employees can reach out to them when they have doubts or want clarifications.

Our Range of COVID-19 Tests Designed for Businesses

PCR Testing:

Many people have the coronavirus but do are completely asymptomatic. To prevent such employees and clients from spreading the infection, we perform PCR Testing. This method of testing can immediately identify the virus in a person’s body.

We can do PCR testing on-site or off-site based on your requirements. We have dedicated labs that boast the latest equipment and can quickly test nasal and saliva swabs. The results are interpreted and prepared by experienced healthcare professionals.

Rapid Antigen Testing:

Rapid Antigen Test takes merely 15 minutes to deliver results. While its accuracy is not as precise as PCR testing, it provides you peace of mind when a client or employee displays COVID-19 symptoms.

Defen95 can easily perform this test at your premises when required and you will have the results within no time. We have qualified personnel to perform Rapid Antigen Test and we ensure we take precautions to keep you, your employees, and your clients safe.

Antibody Testing:

This test requires a blood sample and we have trained phlebotomists who can come to your business premises to take the samples. Antibody testing will give you peace of mind after an employee resumes work after recovering from COVID-19.

The test reveals the presence of antibodies in the body and that, in turn, shows that the person has immunity and will not get another bout of the infection in the near future. Performing this test will help your employees feel safe when a previously infected coworker or colleague resumes work.

A Point to Note:

We realize that businesses are reeling from the fallout of the pandemic, and may feel that doing COVID-19 tests on employees and clients can be financially draining. However, Defen95 has kept the prices affordable and we have also collaborated with major insurance companies. So, you have the option of paying for the tests or getting them billed to your health insurance policy. You can get in touch with us to find out if your business is eligible for testing through your company’s health insurance.

Solution for Businesses Reopening after COVID-19 Lockdown

If you are reopening your business after a lockdown or you were forced to shut doors after employees tested positive, it is time to make use of Defen95 software designed especially for the pandemic.

Our software enables you to reopen your business without worry and also helps instill confidence in your employees and customers. The software helps to verify vaccination reports, maintains seamless records of COVID-19 tests, and also allows you to create virtual pre-screening questionnaires.

With precise recordkeeping, you can reopen your business and prevent any lapses. It ensures you do not suffer a setback due to the ongoing pandemic.

Customized and Easy COVID-19 Testing for Businesses

Defen95 can cater to the COVID-19 needs of small, medium, and large businesses. We provide customized solutions that reliable. We make sure that the HR team and decision-makers do not have the onus to organize testing across the company. Instead, our highly trained and experienced staff manages all aspects of the testing.

We have medical professionals, who administer the tests and that ensures that each test is accurate and reliable. We partner with CLIA-certified labs and enables us to offer businesses a wide range of COVID-19 testing protocols. Our tests are approved by the US FDA. We have a fast turnaround time to deliver reports. Businesses can get Rapid Antigen Test results in 15 minutes while PCR Test results are available in 24 hours. We make sure that we deliver the test results in a format that a business requires and we flawlessly follow compliance regulations.

Defen95 is already collaborating with several industries, including the construction industry, hospitality industry, schools, offices, retail industry, food industry, and even advertising and film industry. Our repeat customers are a testament of our effective COVID-19 testing protocols and that should give your organization or business peace of mind.

We make sure that you can provide a safe working environment to your employees, and your customers will feel safe to patronize your business. When your employees are healthy and know that you are taking measures to keep them safe, they will be more motivated and productive at the workplace. This will help you increase revenue generation and negate the adverse effects of the pandemic.

By opting to test your employees and customers regularly and frequently, you can nip possible infections in the bud. You will reduce your liability by providing your employees a safe working environment.

Why Choose Defen95 for COVID-199 Testing Solutions

We have expert healthcare professionals on our team who are trained and experienced in taking swabs and samples. This ensures there is no risk of false negative or false positive reports. We work with just CLIA-approved laboratories that use high-end and cutting-edge equipment to test each sample.

The results are interpreted by healthcare professionals, who are also responsible for creating the report. We provide the results to the CDC on your behalf and this saves you a lot of time and effort.

When you collaborate with Defen95, you can make use of teleconsultations to get access to experienced, qualified, and licensed healthcare professionals, who answer questions from your employees. You do not have to waste time and money getting your employees a doctor’s appointment.

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