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At DEFEN95, we may be PPE professionals, but we also consider ourselves true face mask experts. In fact, we created the world’s very first “soft” version of the KN95 particulate respirator mask!

KN95 masks are the most popular medical-grade face masks that are currently available to the public. Let’s learn what makes them so popular!

What is a KN95 Face Mask?

You’ve probably heard about N95 face masks, as there was an extremely limited supply at the start of the pandemic. N95 face masks were put on reserve for healthcare and medical professionals. Soon after, the FDA authorized KN95 masks as an equivalent alternative to the popular N95 masks.

N95 and KN95 masks both offer a high filtration rate, blocking at least 95% of airborne particles, including airborne viruses. While they offer the same level of protection, the main difference is that the KN95 is the Chinese standard. This means that the KN95 masks must meet all the testing set by China’s standards, and N95 masks must pass all the United States’ testing.

This authorization helped improve the availability of medical-grade masks, as well as the increase safety for our first responders.

3D Folding KN95 Respirator Mask

Our 3D Folding KN95 mask is the most common type of KN95 mask out there. They feature a sharp, 3-dimensional look to them and fit around the face securely.

This mask features the following details:

  • Built with 5 protective layers
  • Features an adjustable noseclip
  • Thin, elastic earloops

Signature Soft KN95 Respirator Mask

Our Signature Soft mask is the most comfortable KN95 respirator mask you will ever wear – we promise! Not only is this our most popular face mask, but it is also the most protective mask that has been built specifically for comfort.

Due to the mask mandate, many people go an entire work day – if not more – wearing a face mask. A cloth mask can cause breakouts and make it difficult to breathe, and surgical masks aren’t fitted enough to protect from most airborne particles. With the Signature Soft mask, we can help guarantee maximum comfort and protection.

The Signature Soft KN95 Mask is different from the 3D Folding Mask because of the following details:

  • Built with 4 protective layers
  • Features soft, skin-friendly, super-stretch earloops

Similarities Between Both of our KN95 Masks

While the 3D Folding Mask is built for maximum protection and security, our Signature Soft Mask is built for maximum comfortability. While they offer many differences, here are their main similarities:

  • 95% Particle Filtration Rate
  • 3D design that does not touch mouth
  • Designed for Breathability with Ample Breathing Space

Buy KN95 Particulate Respirator Face Masks Online

There are many fraudulent KN95 masks on the market today, and you must make sure you are ordering from a reputable company! If the price sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Protection you can trust starts here at DEFEN95.

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