Commercial Studios and Firms

Just like every other industry, the film and media production industry is reeling from the ill effects of COVID-19. The pandemic has brought the industry to a complete halt and as a result, there are production delays that are causing significant losses. Hence, it is more important than ever that the industry complies with the recommendations established by the CDC so that they can do away with the production delays and also ensure the film crew and actors have a healthy and safe working environment.

At Defen95, we realize that the onus comes on the management to ensure production staff, actors, and other professionals working for them are healthy and safe. It is also imperative that the industry takes measures to ensure that it does not have to shut down again due to an outbreak. That is why we, at Defen95, collaborate with commercial studios and firms working in the film and media production industry to help them stay in business and not suffer any further losses.

We work with management teams across the industry to create the best practices that the studios and production houses can adopt to ensure a safe working environment and also conduct regular COVID-19 screening tests so that shoots can go on without hassle.

Take Advantage of Our Rapid COVID-19 Test

Defen95 knows that time is of the essence in the film production industry. And, the industry cannot wait for days to get the results of a COVID-19 test. That is why we provide rapid COVID-19 tests, where production houses get results on the same day. That minimizes losses and enables you to plan the shoots without worry.

Our rapid COVID-19 tests ensure you get results within 15 minutes of us taking the test sample. We also conduct PCR tests, where results are available within 24 hours. We provide both test options to the film production industry so that they can choose the best option for their needs.

Defen95 is proud to have one of the fastest turnaround times and we ensure the accuracy of the results. This enables your production house to plan the film shoot without incurring losses due to long waiting times.

Our Testing Services

We provide customized testing options to the film and media production industry. You can select one or multiple options based on your requirements. Some of the testing services that Defen95 provides are as follows:

  • Nasopharyngeal swabs
  • Saliva testing
  • On-site testing to test a large number of workers
  • Local site testing
  • Rapid antibody testing
  • Health-related consultations over the telephone

We realize that the requirements of the film and production industry are different from other industries. Hence, we provide flexible and prompt testing options that do not hinder the functioning of the industry. Instead, our services are designed to comply with the prevailing and constantly changing regulations so that the industry can resume work without worrying about closure.

Defen95 works based on your schedule and our experienced testing professionals will ensure that the testing and screening happen based on your requirements. Whether you are a small or big production house, you can depend on Defen95 to provide you customized COVID-19 testing and screening solutions.

Discreet COVID-19 Testing and Screening

We realize that the last thing celebrities need is to advertise to the world that they are getting tested for coronavirus. It can result in a lot of negative press and give fodder to the paparazzi. Defen95 conducts discreet on-site testing of celebrities, who want to maintain their privacy.

Some celebrities may not be comfortable with on-site testing. For such celebrities, we can dispatch our trained experts to their homes, where they can conduct the test in privacy. Alternatively, we can provide at-home testing kits to celebrities that they can mail back to us using the shipping label that comes with the kit. The results are delivered within a few days.

The at-home testing kit is perfect for celebrities, who have been exposed to the virus and fear that they may infect others they come in contact with. So, while they isolate at home, our medical professionals can run the tests to allay their fears. These testing kits are easy to use and do not require expertise or special skills.

We ensure the utmost discretion and privacy when dealing with high-profile clients. We make sure that we take all measures so that an authorized third party does not get access to the results.

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