Protect Your Hair and Head with Medical Bouffant Caps

DEFEN95 disposable bouffant caps are made from nonwoven, spunbond polypropylene fabric and built for maximum comfort and protection. The elastic around the fabric is gentle enough to prevent skin irritation and strong enough to prevent from sliding.
Bouffant caps are essential for frontline workers tackling COVID-19, as the virus can become trapped in hair and easily spread. Essentially, bouffant caps help protect our essential workers and others.

Medical Bouffant Caps
Medical Bouffant Caps

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    DEFEN95 Medical Bouffant Caps

    Disposable bouffant caps are essential for healthcare and medical companies. Hair strands can trap even the tiniest of particles. Bouffant caps, or medical hair nets, protect the hair from becoming contaminated and possible spreading bacteria or viruses.

    DEFEN95 bouffant caps offer the following:

    • Covers and protects full head of hair
    • Keeps hair away from face
    • Prevents cross contamination
    • Lightweight and breathable materials
    • Non-irritating elastic
    • Secure for all-day wear
    • Various sizes to choose from
    • Disposable after each use

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