NO-COST Covid-19 Testing

Benefits of On-Site COVID-19 Testing

It finally seems like the United States is starting to re-open and slowly return to a new normal. With re-opening comes increased safety measures to ensure peace of mind. Face masks are not going anywhere for a while, and with more people being vaccinated, safety protocols are constantly being updated.

In order to keep everyone safe and ensure everyone in a crowd is COVID free, it comes as no surprise that testing for Coronavirus is still the best option. Now, with mobile or on-site testing, it’s even easier to test multiple people!

DEFEN95 is proud to offer zero-cost, on-site COVID-19 testing in the Los Angeles area! This means that we will travel to your business or event and offer free rapid PCR, rapid antigen, and rapid antibody tests! While most people qualify for free tests, not everyone may qualify. There are so many benefits to booking on-site rapid COVID-19 testing!

  1. Receive results in just minutes!
  2. Confirm the health and safety of individuals
  3. Ease peace of mind when returning to work or being in a crowd
  4. Recurring visits available

Ensure Employee Safety at Your Business

Now that businesses are finally re-opening, most people are leaving their home office and reutrning back to work. However, there are many people who are afraid to return back to their main office. Ensure peace of mind with your staff and offer COVID testing before your office re-opens. We also have the option to offer weekly or bi-weekly on-sit testing at your business to keep everyone’s health and safety a priority.

Ensure Safety for Guests at Your Event

The wedding and event industry was hit hard at the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, many people did not receive full refunds and had to cancel or reschedule their events. As restrictions slowly started to ease, most states enforced a guest count limit. As we move forward, offering rapid COVID-19 tests to your guests prior to your event can help ensure no one will be left off the guest list!

Testing for Places of Worship

Churches, synagogues, temples, and more were also forced to close down during the start of the pandemic. Thankfully, places of worship have opened their doors once again, and most are enforcing social distancing guidelines. Calm the worries in your community by offering rapid tests to your congregation!

Ideal Industries for On-Site Testing

Many people will benefit from rapid COVID-19 testing. In fact, we can’t think of one bad reason why anyone should not receive a test if they will be around a crowd of people! We have offered rapid on-site testing for the following industries or events:

  • Business Offices
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Family Reunions
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • More!

No-Cost, On-site, Rapid COVID-19 Testing in Los Angeles County

If you are in the Los Angeles area, DEFEN95 is now offering on-site COVID-19 testing at your location at zero cost! This means we will come to your business or event location, set up our station, and provide testing for your employees or guests. We currently offer the rapid PCR test, rapid antigen test, and rapid antibody test.

Most people qualify for free testing! To find out if you qualify, send us an inquiry.

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