1 ml Luer Lock Syringe with 25Gx 1

Our Luer Lock Syringe with Needle comes individually packaged with the syringe and hypodermic needle ready for use. Because the needle is permanently attached to the syringe, there is very little chance of needle disengagement, medication leakage, and spray or tubing disconnection.

We recommend using this combo for standard injections in clinical and outpatient settings.

What is a Luer Lock Syringe?

A Luer Lock Syringe is a specific type of syringe intended to keep the injectable secure. The locked connector along with the safety needle, prevents the solution/vaccine from leaking, as well as any accidental mishandling of the needle.

Using a Luer Lock syringe is ideal for critical clinical applications where it is crucial to avoid any possibility of needle disengagement, medication leakage or spray. This can include IV therapy, administering cytotoxic drugs, and more.

Luer Lock Syringe with Needle: Details and Specifications

  • 1 mL or 1 cc
  • 25Gx1″ or 25 gauge needle
  • Sterile
  • Latex-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Disposable
  • Single-use
  • Easy-slide plunger
  • Easy to use or activate

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